Haapaveden Opisto (Haapavesi Folk High School)

Haapavesi Folk High School is a growing educational establishment which offers vocational studies, vocational adult education, multicultural studies as well as commercial education and training in various fields (dance, theater, law, etc.). It provides both vocational and general education. Educational programs and courses are meant for all students regardless of age and background.

Haapavesi Folk High School is an ideologically independent boarding school. The cosy and modern facilities offer an ideal setting for studies. The School also offers excellent accommodation and dining facilities for students and visitors.

Haapavesi Folk High School is located in the centre of Haapavesi. A wide variety of leisure time opportunities as well as services are offered in the close vicinity of the Folk High School. On the other hand, Haapavesi is surrounded by beautiful nature and one can enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside.

Haapaveden Opisto

Address: PL 62
FIN-86601 Haapavesi

Phone: +358 40 868 2290
Email: opisto@haapop.fi

Finnish language and culture studies for immigrants

Haapavesi Folk High School organizes Finnish language and culture courses for immigrants. The goal of the courses is to improve immigrant´s knowledge about Finnish language, society and culture. The course is considered as full-time studies. A study week consists of approx. 25 contact lessons.

Intensive Finnish Language Courses

Do you want to learn Finnish quickly and efficiently? If you’re at least 18 years old, literate, and familiar with the Latin alphabet, come to Haapavesi folk high school for our Intensive Finnish Language Course! The course lasts for 8 weeks.


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